Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Local music, local solutions...

Music-related flood relief efforts continue to spring up, but this partnership between local independent radio station Lightning 100, local independent music download service NoiseTrade and local independent artists (see a theme here?) continues the grassroots feel of the current recovery period.

Interested parties can download the 19-track "Local Lightning, Vol. 1" from NoiseTrade, featuring songs from big buzz acts like Mikky Ekko ("It's Only You"), The Civil Wars ("Tip Of My Tongue"), Space Capone ("Good Love"), Madi Diaz ("Love You Now") and others.

The download is free (in exchange for an email address and postal code), but you can also use NoiseTrade's Tip function (and a major credit card) to donate to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

The big orange slider bar in the middle of the page defaults to an $8 tip/donation, but can be moved to any amount from $1 to $100.

The complete track listing for "Local Lightning, Vol. 1":

Andrew Belle - "Static Waves"
Hammertorch - "Too Little Too Late"
Mikky Ekko - "It's Only You"
AutoVaughn - "A Million To One"
Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - "Fire & Dynamite"
The Apache Relay - "Tongue Tied"
Trent Dabbs - "Your Side Now"
Reno Bo - "There's A Light"
The Civil Wars - "Tip of My Tongue"
Hightide Blues - "Dreamin' Alone"
Cassino - "Maddie Bloom"
Brenn - "OS OS (The Follower)"
Space Capone - "Good Love"
Heypenny - "Reprise"
Madi Diaz - "Love You Now"
The Cold Stares - "John"
The Non-Commissioned Officers - "Just North"
Mean Tambourines - "A Flight A Crash"
Natalie Prass - "Jenny"

(Hat tip to The Civil Wars' Joy Williams for the heads up...)

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