Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tennessean: "Kid Rock invites Martina into the 'Picture'"

(This story appeared in The Tennessean and on Sunday, June 14.)

Sometimes, it's as simple as picking up the phone.

"He just called and asked if I wanted to do the duet with him, and I said absolutely," said Martina McBride, matter-of-factly. Martina was speaking of her appearance with Kid Rock on the song "Picture" during Rock's "surprise" appearance at Friday's CMA Music Festival concert at LP Field.

"He's been to our studio before and worked, he's a great guy and it was a blast. I had so much fun."

Martina was at it again Saturday with her annual appearance at the charity auction benefiting the YWCA Domestic Violence Center. Martina says not only does the event generate much-needed funds, but it also gives her an extra bit of personal motivation.

"This coincides with my closet cleaning every year. I brought out some items that are really special to me, the dress I wore to sing at the White House for Stevie Wonder and the dress I wore on the Flameworthys a couple years ago to close the show," she said, referring to the former name of the CMT Music Awards.

"It's an opportunity for me to go through and try to figure out what would really mean a lot to my fans and what would bring the most money for the YWCA."


mdave said...

Nothing in the music industry is an accident or "spontaneous." "He just called me" Pure BS. Ha!

Lucas Hendrickson said...

You know that. I know that. Average fan on the street wants to think their favorite stars are merely a phone call away from each other. Maintain the illusion, dude.