Monday, September 18, 2006

"Studio 60" debuts tonight!

Yes, believe it or not, something's going to pull my attention away from professional football/wrestling on a Monday night...

In case you've been under a rock, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, the new show from The West Wing and SportsNight creators Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme, debuts tonight on NBC at 10pm/9pm central.

If you find yourself fed up with the state of television today...if you're endlessly frustrated with the mindless pablum they shovel at us in the name of keeping profit margins high...if you love tightly scripted, well-acted, meaningful comedy and this show.

If nothing else, watch the first 10 minutes and The Speech that precedes the opening credits. If you don't agree with what's said, fine, turn it off and never approach S60 again. I'll understand.

But if you hear something that sparks a little bit of outrage, a chord of truth within your all means, watch on. You'll like what you see.

Then wake the kids and call the neighbors, because in my never-very-humble view, we need more shows like this on television.

OK, I'm off my soapbox...enjoy the show.

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