Saturday, July 08, 2006

Day 8: Triple 3's

OK, I'm diggin' the Triple 3 game. Yes, it's partially because I won my biggest prize to date (a whopping $3...whoo hoo!), but also because you have the chance to win a single prize, not a litany of options. They don't taunt you with what you coulda won if you were a tad closer (or luckier). No, you scratch off one prize box, and that's what you're shooting for. And pretty much as soon as I saw the $3 designation, I figured I was a winner.

Game Play: Get three 3's a la Tic Tac Toe
Did I win? Yup...two wins in a row on the $1 cards!
The Prize: $3

Total Spent: $12
Total Won: 1 Free Ticket, $5 cash

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