Sunday, July 16, 2006

Day 16: Lucky Dog

Say it with me..."Awwwww."

Here's what I really said..."Awwwww. Crap."

Cute dog, dumb game...but it's meant to catch your eye when you're standing there in front of the plexiglass cubes picking out your SOGs. And so it did, and so went another buck out of my pocket.

Game Play: Match three amounts, win that amount.
Did I win? As if.
What could I have won? $3,000. $50 woulda been nice. Shoot, at this point, $4 woulda been fine.

Total Spent: $24
Total Won: 1 Free Ticket, $5 cash

1 comment:

Lab Kat said...

You're such a softie. LoL