Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Day 12: Super C-Note

One of the interesting things about this little experiment has been seeing the technological advancements made in the world of SOGs, namely the kinds of images you can print on the scratch-off stuff.

Like this one, for example, which had a lovely portrait of Benjamin Franklin (never a U.S. president, despite what most of the populace of this country probably believes).

Used to be, it'd just be a great big grey blob you scratch off to uncover your potential you can obliterate classical portraits whilst cursing your bad luck.

Game Play: Match the prize amount in the middle with one of the four corners.
Did I win? Nay.
What could I have won? $4...come on, you can't part with $4?

Total Spent: $18
Total Won: 1 Free Ticket, $5 cash

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