Thursday, March 30, 2006

The promise of what could be...

Nothing like taunting your customers with what they *could* have in the face of what they *will* have.

Last night, at the Predators Foundation Wine Tasting & Auction (and no, it wasn't nearly as snooty as that might sound), Budweiser was present with a stash of the "day-fresh" Bud Light, or beer that had been brewed, bottled, and shipped to Nashville that very day.

It was, easily, the best Bud Light I have ever tasted. Which isn't really saying all that much, in the long run, but still, it was good.

And that's why the whole "day-fresh" campaign is the stupidest marketing effort ever.

Why whet the palate of your customer base with the promise of what could be, when 99.986% of the time, they're going to have to drink the swill that's been sitting around one, two, six, eight weeks?

Beer is not like wine, it doesn't age well generally. Some do, when kept in the right conditions.

Bud Light, clearly, doesn't age well. It's meant to be brewed and consumed, apparently, in the same day.

'Twas a nice experiment, oh powers-that-be at Anheuser-Busch, but I'll stick to my Yazoo, Yuengling, Shiner, Arrogant Bastard, Sierra Nevada and whatever other premium stuff I can get my hands on, thank you very much.

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Lab Kat said...

We have a microbrewery and steakhouse we frequent so much, we get booze free half the time. JS loves their dark ales. If you are ever this way, we'll take ya.