Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I Believe...

I believe in the power of the written word.

In an age of digital this and interactive that, so much of communication's foundation remains the written word.

This blog isn't the sum total of my thoughts, feelings, observations. It's not my diary, my journal, or my "creative outlet."

It's a subset of a career. (Google my name if you need more proof...)

I've been a professional writer for the better part of two decades, with hundreds of published pieces to my credit, mainly in the world of music journalism, with occasional toe dips into sports and technology.

(I seem to remember a piece about nuclear fission somewhere in the early '90s, but that's getting hazier by the day.)

There's an ongoing need for well-planned, well-researched, well-constructed and well-written content in this communications age. Items that cut through the clutter and detritus and hype-without-substance both new and old media have become.

I have, on occasion, created some of those. (On others, maybe not so much...)

If you're an entity that finds a need for just such an item, get in touch. Let's talk...and then let's get to work.

largelandmammal (at)