Friday, September 10, 2010

And you are...?

Let’s get the introduction out of the way. Hello, my name is Lucas...and I’m a geek.

(Hello, Lucas.)

The other thing I need to get out of the way? Thanking you for your continued interest in BarCamp Nashville.

(Wait, who said I was interested?)

Well, chances are you clicked on a link that brought you here, so I’m assuming you have some sort of interest in our upcoming event.

(Yeah, but you know what assuming does, right?)

Good point. So, then, let me take a minute to pique your interest about BarCamp Nashville.

(Seriously? Who uses the word “pique” in conversation anymore?)

Me, for one.

(For only.)

Whatever. I said I was a geek, remember? Mine just manifests itself in the world of words.

But we’ve got so much more geekery to offer people, like you, interested in BarCamp Nashville. Saturday, October 16 will be an amazing day, filled with great sessions circling around the universe of tech, merged with the opportunity to network with some of the most engaged, energized thinkers in the Middle Tennessee area.

However, as I’ve always told anyone who asked about BarCamp, it’s an experience shaped by those who show up.

(Meaning what, exactly?)

“Showing up” means throwing your hat in the virtual ring to speak, or raising your hand to volunteer, or opening your checkbook to help sponsor, or even just walking through the doors of Cadillac Ranch that day and immersing yourself in the educational and networking opportunities.

But you have to make the first move.

(Which is?)

First, create your profile on this very site. Or update the one you created in the past with your current info.

Second, sit and think about how you want to show up. If you want to speak, then go here and start to craft your session. Be bold, be smart, be witty and be quick...the available sessions slots fill up fast.

(You do like your lists, don’t you?)

Hush, you’re ruining my rhythm here.

Third, and maybe most importantly, help us spread the word. Follow @barcampnash on Twitter, follow our page on Facebook, tell your friends and fellow geeks to join you Saturday, October 16 at Cadillac Ranch.

(You do like your message repetition opportunities, don’t you?)

I learned from the best.

So, what do you think? You going to join us and get to the good stuff at BarCamp Nashville 2010?

(Yes. For I am a geek.)

That’s what I thought.

-- Lucas Hendrickson is an independent journalist, adjunct instructor at Belmont University and unrepentant geek. He’s also the Chair of the BarCamp Nashville 2010 Crew.

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