Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ustream Studio Austin: Day One

Note the title. The vast, vast majority of the time I'm spending in Austin over the next week will be spent working with and their Ustream Studio.

(Though, if anybody wants to toss me a badge for the music section of "the festival that shall not be named without prior permission," I probably wouldn't turn it down. More on that story later.)

Through this, we'll deliver between six and eight hours of conversation and music PER DAY over the next 10 days.

I'll be moderating the daily versions of "Are You Really Experienced?", a discussion of music, tech and creativity, together with a rotating panel of folks, including tech writer Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins from

(The rest of the time, looks like I'll be stage managing the shows, shuffling people on and off the set, and generally trying to keep to a schedule...which is generating laughter from some of you at this very moment. But realize...this also means I'm getting to occasionally yell at people, which I find fun. So there.)

There's way too many ideas flying around this small room at The Belmont on Sixth Street (which, if you're gonna be stuck in a small room for a bunch of days, you want to be stuck there), but I'll try to capture them as best I can. If nothing else, I'll get some shots with Jeff "The Dude" Dowd, the real-life inspiration behind one fictional Jeff Lebowski, a character I've been more and more accused of looking like lately.

See you at 4pm Saturday at the Ustream Studio for "Are You Really Experienced?"

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