Thursday, February 19, 2009

AYRE?: Set The Music Free (?)

If you'll look to your right (no, not that far), you'll see the new "The Podcast" section, which includes the widget for the "Are You Really Experienced?" podcast I've been involved with for the past month-plus, and to which I'll likely remain involved with for the immediate future.

(At least until Michael Sean Wright and Dr. Tony Shore figure out how much of a closet Luddite I actually am when it comes to matters musical, and start declining to unmute me when the showtime rolls around...)

"Showtime? What's that you say? When do you blithering twidiots (idiots with Twitter accounts...I'm trademarking that momentarily) actually spout this nonsense?"

So glad you asked...we're live on the interwebs every Monday night at 9 pm Central/7 pm Pacific/1 pm Guam. (Just in case we have any hardcore music 'n' tech fanatics tuning in from Guam.) Once again, here's the link: Are You Really Experienced?

On this most recent epic, we delve more into the Live Nation/Ticketmaster marriage, what 360 deals really mean for artists and the companies that offer them, what Nashville's Belmont University (my oft-times employer) does for its students seeking interaction with the music industry, how we were completely unsurprised that Sirius XM is/was teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, and so much more.

Our bantering is fleshed out by Joe Kirk from, who usually sits kindly by as MSW, Tony and I flail away, and then jumps in with the proper cogent comment.

Take a listen, if you will...let us know what you think.

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