Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The answers...

OK, chances are somebody's gonna stick their head in here, if they haven't already, that I haven't seen in nigh upon two dozen years, so pardon me while I answer the inevitable questions...
  • No.
  • Never have been.
  • Can't really say.
  • Not to my knowledge.
  • After college.
  • Too many to count.
  • A lot, but really only a few close ones.
  • A cat named Jake.
  • No, it's just something I stumbled into.
  • Yes. Very much so.
  • Yes. Very much so.


mrsf5 said...

Well, DANG.

I was gonna click that link (the one that's right there? That one? Yeah.) and tap away at the keyboard for a bit, push the great big red SEND button, then eagerly await a clever reply.

And now you've just gone ahead and beaten me to the punch.

I hate it when that happens.

Yes, I think you've either directly or indirectly covered my most pressing queries, including the arch "Were you this funny in high school?"

Must confess: not sure what questions preceded the last two answers. But I think I'm glad to hear it.

Yeah. I'm glad to hear it.


Lucas Hendrickson said...

Well, the first of the final two responses has to do with the inevitable question one gets when one reaches a certain age and has never been betrothed. That question? "Um, are you straight?"

The other is "Are you happy?"

As to your additional query, there's no way I could have been. There's a big difference between self-aware and self-conscious, and I was most definitely the latter in high school. Hence, not so much with the funny.

Case in the superlatives section of the yearbook, I flat out refused to hold pompoms for the photo for Most Athletic. Today, I'd do in in a heartbeat...and probably wear the cheerleader skirt that went with it if they could find one in a triple-extra-huge.


mrsf5 said...

I'm quite sure I'm not the only one of your readers who now needs (yes: needs) to see that yearbook picture.

Or. Or! A current photograph, with pompoms and skirt (either real or photoshopped; I'm not a completely unreasonable person).

Many thanks in advance for your thoughtful cooperation.

Most sincerely,

Lucas Hendrickson said...

Of course, now the excuses can begin...

(1) I literally can't find the yearbooks from my junior years in either high school or college. Don't know what it was about the third years of academic runs, but apparently, they don't want to be remembered.


(2) Despite my many years of experience bridging the traditional, desktop and online methods of publishing, my Photoshop skills are for shame. I'd have better luck dodging-and-burning a photo of myself in such garb than I would trying to fabricate it from scratch.

Very few current photographs of me exist...I tend to hide behind bylines...but you can find me on Facebook or some such social networking repository. Headshots only, though...which is a shame, because my calves *are* spectacular.


Amy E. Dixon said...

Not to be a spoiled sport... But, I'd really rather NOT see a photo of you in a cheerleader outfit and holding pompons.

It's just a personal thing.

Lab Kat said...

I've actually seen the high school picture... HAH!