Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The future of...

So, there's really no hiding it...if you Google my name, you get an inordinate amount of posts concerning Christian music, because I've generated a fair number of pieces about it and the artists who attempt to make it.

This month marks the end of the print version of the publication for which I got my professional start, CCM Magazine. And while I haven't contributed to said pub for several years, there's still that pang of regret when (a) another piece of regularly published pulped wood bites the dust and (b) it continues to signify the perilous state all forms of mass media find themselves in.

[There should probably be a (c) it means I have to add another dead publication to my list, but I'm getting more and more used to that...]

As would befit the growing trends of "final issues," the current regime at CCM asked one of the most thoughtful, considered and honest people around this corner of the industry to weigh in on "The Future of Christian Music."

And as per usual, Charlie Peacock pulls no punches, and that's why we love him for it.

I say all this because I'm dealing with a situation that may/may not put me in the crosshairs of the genre again, and I'm truly having some struggles with it. Charlie's words are all at once sobering, cause for contemplation and a source of inspiration.


Lab Kat said...

Wow. I remember when you started working for that magazine. Sad, sad days.

Darren Duvall said...

I remember when Steve Taliaferro had CCM laying around the apartment, and I would read them and think, "...Really?".

A few years later production quality in Christian Music took a quantum leap, there were far fewer synthesizers and more guitars, and I got modestly interested.

Heck, I remember back when you were house-sitting for Chris Rodriguez.

Whatever the cross-hair issue is, good luck with it and if you need me I'll cover your right side (I'm probably the only one big enough).


Lucas Hendrickson said...

There's a way to spin it that much of my involvement with Christian music can be pinned on Steve Taliaferro. I just took the opportunity to remind him that this is all essentially his fault as I friendquested him on Facebook. (Side note: just made up "friendquested" and will now spend the rest of the evening figuring out if I can trademark it...)