Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Quick hit thoughts on GP NYE '08...

Really, this is how I have fun...I take notes...
  • How and why did legwarmers ever go out of style?
  • Craig Krampf is a rock god...and it was fun to watch him having fun.
  • Trisha may not have been feeling well, but it wasn't like she was sportin' a dead body. Yet "Centerfold" was played anyway. Odd. Crowd loved it, though.
  • Jeff Boswell's final Christmas gift? Getting to play lead on "Oh Sherry."
  • K.S. Rhoads made me want to slit my wrists...but in a good way.
  • Whatever deal with the devil Jon Bon Jovi made in 1983 has been amended to include Jeremy Asbrock. If you're gonna bring out the Flying V, you better know how to use it, and Jeremy does.
  • The four happy surprises ("Rock The Casbah," "She's A Beauty," "My Prerogative," "You're The One That I Want") outweighed the three quasi-train wrecks (which won't be listed to protect the innocent)
  • Somebody needs to line up an official GP orthopedic surgeon because I'm scared Grimey's gonna blow a quad one day doing "Jump." Three hours of rockin' out do not necessarily a good warm up make.
  • Kim Collins can sing Zeppelin all day for all I care. (And extra credit points to Jeremy, again, for jumping into the fray.)
  • Note to out-of-towners/Music City Bowl refugees: Do you see a tip jar? That means they don't take requests. (I shoulda taken that guy's $20, though...)
Happy New One, everybody. Expect to see some changes around here in the very near future...

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