Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"Have you no sense of decency, sir?"

KO got a powerful reaction to his Special Comment on Rumsfeld last week. He took another swing higher up the administration food chain (to completely mix metaphors) Tuesday night.

We're less inclined to look at multiple sides of issues, or in this case motivations, these days. We just are; there's not a lot we can do about it. The media business-savvy side of me knows that, in part, Keith's doing this for ratings. If he's not, he's in the wrong business.

But I also sense a man with a typewriter, a microphone, a camera, a platform and a point of view desperately trying to bring some reason into the social arena. If he has to call out the sacred cows of the political world, so be it...and more power to him.

It has long been the duty of journalists in this country to ask the tough questions and say the unpopular things. It's an idea codified into the user's manual for this country, there at the very top of the list of things the founders saw they needed to add to the original document. Keith, alongside so many others currently maligned by the extreme fringes of all sides of the ideology spectrum, carry on that tradition to the best of their ability and despite the roadblocks put in front of them by a disinterested public and, more frequently, their own bosses.

I agree with the unspoken sentiment Olbermann issues here: Why is this happening?

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