Monday, August 21, 2006

Funniest thing I've heard in a long time...

George Stephanopoulous was replaying a speech by Dick Cheney last week where Cheney was blasting the "Dean Democrats" for not supporting Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut primary, thereby proving that Democrats want to give up on Iraq. Yeah, yeah, yeah...whatever.

But here's the leap of logic I found truly staggering, yet completely within the profile of this administration. Cheney: "Never mind that Iraq is a fellow democracy."

A fellow democracy? Are you kidding me here? To use an analogy befitting the administration's red state roots, calling the current state of Iraq a "fellow democracy" is like putting lipstick on a pig and expecting not to want to take a shower after you take it out on a date.

How much more out of touch with the real state of the world can these folks be?

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